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Oct 2011 presentation of NEW-X-ING

17 Oct

This slide pack shows the original ideas presented during our Oct 2011 consultation. NEW X ING presentation 2

Information about reactions to the presentation can be seen here

Oct 2011 Consultations outcomes

14 Oct

Patricio and Catherine from Artmongers met with a wide range of departments at the college on 11, 13, 20 Oct 2011 to share our ideas, gather input and identify ways we can work together.  We presented this set of images

One key action is to hold an Open Day to engage with many more staff, students and local residents w/c Nov 7th. Please contact us if you would like to participate and be kept up to date with developments and opportunities.

On these days we met with staff from academic departments (Design, Politics, Media & Comms, Sociology, PACE, Educational Studies) as well as other relevant areas (Business Development, Estates, Library, Marketing, recruitment & comms, Students’ Union).

What’s wrong today?

This wordcloud shows the comments made by the 20 people we spoke to (the bigger the word the more people said it) on the subject of “What’s wrong today with New Cross and Goldsmiths and their relationship with each other? There is a view that the boundary between the college and the community is not sufficiently porous and both sides lose out as a consequence


As we shared the ideas shown in the slidepack we noted the reactions and the phrases that emerged. Again the size of the word is a reflection of the amount of times it was repeated and is a marked contrast to the first wordcloud – a much warmer, more collaborative picture.


We then discussed ideas and suggestions that could help development and these are summarised in this pdf Goldsmiths Interviews oct 2011