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Sat Sep 29th afternoon M. Kuzminski

30 Sep

Maciej Kuzminski has led the development of a site-specific choreography with 4 dancers and a musician on the steps in front of New X-ING Relay.

See this video of previous work

Day 9: Local Vocal

30 Sep

We were lucky enough to enjoy two excellent community choirs on a dry Sunday afternoon.

First the Strawberry Thieves delighted us with some of their repertoire of songs with meaning. From this socialist choir with a creative twist we recognised some old tunes with new words to suit the moment.

Next up were the Telegraph Community Choir who have come a long way since their formation earlier this year.

Both choirs are happy to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.

Strawberry Thieves practice usually on Sundays in the Hill Station


Telegraph Community Choir onTuesdays on the Telegraph pub in Dennett’s Rd.

Day 8: Dance all over the place

29 Sep

The traffic was baffled by And… Cross! an innovative flash mob choreographed by Trinity Laban choreographers AnneGaelle and Debora.

And then a couple of hours later it happened again. With more people. Stewards ensured everybody’s safety as we drew attention to the challenges of being a pedestrian in New Cross. Read more about the New Cross we hope to create in New Cross

Crowds also enjoyed – and enjoined – the Caribbean dance demo and workshop by Muraldo Dance Company (Caroline Muraldo and Shona Muraldo-Parks) and the Diaspora Dance Company (Kenton James, Stevenson Moses, Dawn Bellot) followed by M Kuzminskis, site specific contemporary dance performance. Click on the photos to see more of this.

DETAIL: Week 2 Sep 28-Oct 6

28 Sep

We are building up this information about the individual acts… if you are a performer and would like to send info/pics to be included please email it to Click on the links to see more info about the performers

  • Day 8: Sat 29 Sept / 2pm-10pm 2pm and 4.30pm: And…Cross! from Laban choreographers Anne and Debora 3pm Dance 5.30pm: M Kuzminski, contemporary dance
    Open DJ: prepare to play 4 tracks you choose. The last one must be shameful!
  • Day 12: Thurs 4 Oct / 7pm – 10pm OSA Poetry Collective


Day 7: Noise on Noise (experimental music)

28 Sep

5 artists from the Gluerooms DJ Tendraw: Live Art and Experimental Music “the most dodgy and daring artist from around the globe” – showed the rich variety of approach and sounds that can be generated from a mysterious looking stack of equipment and some wires.

Accompanied by sound generated graphics to mesmerising effect – click on the photo to the right to see the rest of the album from the night

Also see photos on Karolina’s facebook page

Day 6: ActionConstraint and young musical talent

27 Sep

The rain delayed the start but once it kicked off this extraordinary piece featuring eerie and heartfelt music by T Delfieriere as the haunting background to the thought provoking action art created by A Cusumano and G Lomeo.

Click on the photo to see the rest of the pictures from Day 6 on flickr

After that the stage filled with instruments and young people as the CEN8 band showed off their plentiful talents. Singers, songwriters and musicians they pulled together and gave us a great varied show.

We also welcomed back Katy & the Elders for a second great set (they also played on Day 2)

Enjoy it all second time around on the video highlights – note there are two videos, one of the painting and one of the music


Day 5: Spoken Word

26 Sep

Poet Catherine Brogan presented a fantastic Poetry Relay featuring herself and 5 Goldsmiths’ MA students. Dean AttaKeith Jarrett Indigo WilliamsPete the Temp and Ray Antrobus

Clixk on the photo to see more pictures from this crowd-thrilling event

Day 4: Projections

24 Sep

The stage curtains doubled up as audience thermals on Tuesday night when we gathered to see four fascinating presentations giving us pause to take a new look at New Cross

Click on the photo to see the rest in flickr

Day 3: local musicians

23 Sep

As rain lashed SE London on Sun 23rd Sept, a wide range of local talent gathered just down the road in the warm-and-dry alternative venue of the New Cross Inn  The afternoon/evening session of acoustic, soul, rock’n’roll and poetry featured Rosi Lalor (gentle songs), JB Sparks (spoken word), Revd Casy, Edna Million, Winston Skerrit and Jason James (folk/ska). See the photos here DSC_0460_22407

Interview between Aidan Sheridan from Goldsmiths and Patricio Forrester from Artmongers plus footage from the performance

Day 2: Family day

22 Sep

The sun shone and about 250 people watched the New X-ING Relay in the course of the afternoon and evening sessions.

The afternoon session saw KIDS bands including Sunbeam (rock), The Other Side and Katy & the Elders (alternative pop). We also heard from inspiring 12 year old Sachen about how he transformed his surroundings when he created the MacMillan House Community Garden.

At the same time, children put their hopes and dreams for New Cross on our paper plate wishing wall and every audience member pinned a sequin to the stage in a visual reminder of how many people have been involved – and that’s not counting all the passers by and top deck bus passengers who get to enjoy proceedings.

In the evening, the high wall cinema was inaugurated with Night Projections from Goldsmiths Media and Comms dept

See the video

And browse through the photos