Fri Oct 5th during 7pm-10.30pm show : Uran Apak

10 Sep


Uran Apak spent most of his life in his home city of Istanbul before he moved to London. He is an artist influenced by the tensions between east and west, contemporary and old, innovative and traditional, the city and nature.

He studied Comparative Literature in Bilgi University, did an MA on old Turkish Language and Literature in Yildiz Technical University and now creating his final project in the MMus in Studio Composition programme at Goldsmiths University.

In his formative years, he took interest in acting, electronic music and rock music. Indulging in these disciplines separately, he soon realised he was a multi-disciplinary artist and he aimed to combine theatrical elements with indie electronica and dance music.

He is currently composing and performing in two bands. One of them is Nu Park ( Roxy Special Award at the 13th Roxy Music Days Contest and the 1st Prize in the electronica category of Miller Music Factory in 2008) and WildEast, a new London based band, combining Turkish/Arabic elements with indie electronica.

Since 2011 Uran Apak has been composing music for films and documentaries. He composed music for Berlin based director Canan Turan’s documentary: ‘Kiymet’ and is composing music for a feature film of an Istanbul based director: Aysim Turkmen.

Uran Apak is also working on his solo works in which he employs more experimental approaches and leans towards musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation.


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