Thur Sept 27th @ 8-10pm : CEN8 band

18 Sep

CEN8 is the creative enterprise network – for creatives.

CEN8 has a close relationship with Goldsmiths University of London, collaborating on projects, supporting students and potential students and having access to the university’s resources for example: music rehearsal rooms, recording studios, theatre, IT suite, media equipment etc.

The network encompasses:

  • Young people from 14 years with a desire to create, to develop as artists and creatives, and potentially to make a living in the creative industries
  • Professionals including: music composers and song writers; educationalists; writers; performance artists; fine artists and designers; photographers; video and film makers; lighting and sound engineers; communication specialists; IT and web developers; and creative business advisers.

3 Responses to “Thur Sept 27th @ 8-10pm : CEN8 band”


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