Fri 5th Oct during 7pm-10.30pm show : Susanna Catz

20 Sep


Susanna is

“a songwriter and performer with influences from punk, post-punk, acid house, electronica, r’n’b,
soul, disco, rock, pop and even blues and jazz. Started out singing jazz and bossa nova with my father on guitar, but soon started experimenting with vocals for rock and pop and I’m proud to say that total strangers come up to me after gigs to say that I’ve blown them away(!!) and compare me to icons like PJ Harvey, Chrissy Hynde, Debbie Harry and Regina Spektor!

I’m currently performing solo on acoustic or electric guitar and vocals. Also working on some electronic stuff… sky is the limit! ;-D”


One Response to “Fri 5th Oct during 7pm-10.30pm show : Susanna Catz”


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    […] 5 Oct / 7pm-10.30pm Urban Emotions. Original material by SE London performers Susanna Catz, Little Big Noise, Kat Drake, Uran Apak and Kitchen […]

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