Day 2: Family day

22 Sep

The sun shone and about 250 people watched the New X-ING Relay in the course of the afternoon and evening sessions.

The afternoon session saw KIDS bands including Sunbeam (rock), The Other Side and Katy & the Elders (alternative pop). We also heard from inspiring 12 year old Sachen about how he transformed his surroundings when he created the MacMillan House Community Garden.

At the same time, children put their hopes and dreams for New Cross on our paper plate wishing wall and every audience member pinned a sequin to the stage in a visual reminder of how many people have been involved – and that’s not counting all the passers by and top deck bus passengers who get to enjoy proceedings.

In the evening, the high wall cinema was inaugurated with Night Projections from Goldsmiths Media and Comms dept

See the video

And browse through the photos



2 Responses to “Day 2: Family day”


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