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Start kicking!

12 Nov
kickstarter campaign

kickstarter campaign

Join our first KICKSTARTER campaign today. We have just four weeks to raise the funds we need to create this new community art opportunity in New Cross Learning.

Please pledge what you can – we need to hit our total or nothing happens. Lots more info on the project here


New Cross Grows Summer

24 Apr

New Cross Sunflowers viewing

Where might you find a thousand sunflowers turning their heads towards the sunshine—the French countryside in high summer? Or the A2? One of southeast London’s busiest, grittiest thoroughfares may seem an unlikely spot but it’s true thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between local schools, shops and community groups initiated by New X ING and funded by Grow Wild. In addition to brightening the A2, the flowers will provide much needed foraging for bees in one of the only places  in the country with a growing bee population.

Starting this week, one thousand sunflower seeds will be planted and nurtured in pots in schools and homes across New Cross with a vision to bring growing sunshine to the A2 this summer. Local volunteers from Grow Wild, Greenshoots, Common Growth, New Cross Gate Trust, New Cross Learning, Goldsmiths, local schools, shops and homes will be watching over these small seeds in pots and in beds along the A2 and by the entrance to Sainsbury’s next to the petrol station.

Those plants growing in schools and homes will be transplanted over the next few months, with support and maintenance shared among the community. We hope to explore unusual sites for the sunflowers—billboards, roof terraces, windows, balconies, in shop windows and on the pavements—to create an urban wilderness of sunflowers

By late summer, there should hopefully be a landscape of sunflowers, culminating in a Harvest party in September. We’re excited about making the A2 grow wild, grow beautiful.

If you want to help out let us know (email! Next community planting session is Saturday 27 Apr 1-3.30pm by the entrance to Sainsburys. Or join the seed planting session at New Cross Learning baby bounce session Tues 30 Apr 11am-12pm.

Day 11: Urban Projections

4 Oct

As traffic roared past on Lewisham Way it was echoed in one of the three projections onto Goldsmiths Library building and the New X-ING Relay screen accompanied by bus journey sound effects and live conversations.

Elsewhere the zen like movements of water, light and found objects on an old school overhead projector (Dominic Madden and Artmongers)  contrasted with the multicoloured and beautiful artworks created on a touch pad by Nicolai Kosin.

Click on any of the photos to see the rest of the gallery

Day 9: Local Vocal

30 Sep

We were lucky enough to enjoy two excellent community choirs on a dry Sunday afternoon.

First the Strawberry Thieves delighted us with some of their repertoire of songs with meaning. From this socialist choir with a creative twist we recognised some old tunes with new words to suit the moment.

Next up were the Telegraph Community Choir who have come a long way since their formation earlier this year.

Both choirs are happy to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.

Strawberry Thieves practice usually on Sundays in the Hill Station


Telegraph Community Choir onTuesdays on the Telegraph pub in Dennett’s Rd.

Day 6: ActionConstraint and young musical talent

27 Sep

The rain delayed the start but once it kicked off this extraordinary piece featuring eerie and heartfelt music by T Delfieriere as the haunting background to the thought provoking action art created by A Cusumano and G Lomeo.

Click on the photo to see the rest of the pictures from Day 6 on flickr

After that the stage filled with instruments and young people as the CEN8 band showed off their plentiful talents. Singers, songwriters and musicians they pulled together and gave us a great varied show.

We also welcomed back Katy & the Elders for a second great set (they also played on Day 2)

Enjoy it all second time around on the video highlights – note there are two videos, one of the painting and one of the music


Fri Sep 21st during 6.30pm to 10.30pm show : Rabbitt

21 Sep


NOW… it doesn’t really gets more local than literally across the road from this stage. The creative partnership of these two ARTIST MUSICIANS goes back 20 years. One born Lewisham Way, the other one in a back street of Deptford. Real BACKBONE supporters of the local scene – come and see them.

Meanwhile a taster – recorded at Tale of What! 2008 – improvised music from graphic scores with Rob Mills, Tom Scott, David Aylward and Nick Doyne-Ditmas.

Fri Sep 21st during 6.30pm to 10.30pm show : Sound System Social Club

20 Sep

“Jus’ Like A Volcano In Yuh Head!” 
– King Tubby

The needle drops onto the vinyl and the record begins to spin. The sound of drums and the ghost of a voice echoes over the crowd. Everything stops for a split second, before the bass kicks in and the vibrations have their irresistible effect… Welcome to the Sound System Social Club.

Thanks to the Albany for sharing this talent with New X-ING Relay. See them there on Sat 22


Fri Oct 5th during 7pm-10.30pm show : Kitchen Winos

20 Sep

They’re cooking up a storm.


Fri Oct 5th during 7pm-10.30pm show : Kat Drake

20 Sep

Kat Drake, is a local resident singer songwriter with a beautiful voice who has performed at Bold Vision events. 


Fri Oct 5th during 7pm-10.30pm show: Little Big Noise

20 Sep

On My space Little Big Noise describe their style as Acoustic / Emo / Folk Rock. Make up your own mind by listening to them.

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