Here are the main ideas that will be part of the New X-ING program

  1. A giant crossing over the A2 with a cross – where people can cross diagonally. A big crossing area is not a new idea, both Goldsmiths and the Council were thinking about it already. We added the X as a landmark crossing and to bring in a metaphorical/branding aspect.
  2. Deptford Town Hall as a public concert space. A kind of St Martins in the Field of SE14 with daily quality public performances…
  3. A Nature Reserve on the edge of the train track behind Goldsmiths campus which is open to the public, and provides a quick escape from the noise of the A2
  4. Local Connections eg food growing and recycling – partnerships with Grow Wild and New Cross Federation, New Cross Learning partnering with Goldsmiths library… some of these things are already happening.
  5. New X-ING Relay Following the first event in 2012, to continue this festival of street performances every year, bringing people together and celebrating local talent.
  6. New X-ING AIR. A three-year programme for artist in residence, directed at offering funding and mentoring to students, graduates and local artists who would like to carry out a project in New Cross.

See this slide pack for some of these ideas  New-X-ING initial ideas 1209

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