New X-ING Relay

Click on the links for each day to see photo and video footage or on the individual links to see more info about the performers

  • Day 2: Sat 22. KIDS: bands include Sunbeam (rock), The Other Side and Katy & the Elders (alternative pop). There will also be a chance for young New X-ERS to have their say about the future of New Cross. Then Night Projections from Goldsmiths Media and Comms dept
  • Day 4: Tues 25. Photographic projections. Intergenerational photographic project and URBAN Local photography (open submission to
  • Day 6: Thurs 27. Live Performance actionconstraint by A Cusumano, T Delfieriere and G Lomeo then Studio 28zero presented by CEN8
  • Day 7: Fri 28. Live Art and Experimental Music from Glue Rooms DJ Tendraw:  “the most dodgy and daring artist from around the globe”
  • Day 11:Wed 3 Oct. Night Projections. Site specific performance from Artmongers
  • Day 12: Thurs 4 Oct OSA Poetry Collective

An Artmongers initiative supported by Awards for All, Goldsmiths, Trinity Laban and Lewisham Council. The stage – designed and built by Hannah Catherine Jones former Goldsmiths MFA student – was first used in April 2012. Hannah was the winner of a competition run by Goldsmiths among Goldsmiths students to develop a design and run a day of performances.


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