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Sat Sep 29th @ 7pm : H2drOp

18 Sep


A dynamic multimedia performance with live sampling, music and rhythm created from water. Their website explains how “H2drOp explores the resonant nature of water by transforming everyday items such as pots and pans into musical instruments. H2drOp creates a chance for people to experience water in a way which allows its effects to resonate deeply with participants in a physical, emotional and thoughtful way. H2drOp enables the audience to see water from a different perspective by using the deep connections people feel to music, rhythm and water.


And… Cross! 29.09.12

13 Sep

And…Cross! is a participatory piece of choreography  designed to give the power back to the pedestrians in New Cross against the tyranny of the A2. Humorous and visually strong, this event was imagined especially for the area and will be performed as part of NEW X-ING Performance Relay on Saturday the 29th of September.

We need to gather as many enthusiastic pedestrians as possible living, studying and/or working in the area. Performance and art background welcome but NOT necessary! Anyone with a desire to make a difference in New Cross welcomed.

Rehearsals took place on 26th and 28th but don’t worry if you missed them. Meet at the New X-ING Relay stage at 1.45pm and watch the first performance then join in with the second one at 4.30.
The aim is to share the material and structure with the participants and to build a strong group dynamic.If you are interested in joining us for this very special march, please contact
Debora Di Centa or Anne-Gaelle Thiriot or on join on Facebook.Looking forward to meeting you!

Get involved with the New X-ING Relay

5 Sep

New X-ING Relay will run from Sep 21st to Oct 6th

This is based on Lewisham Way just outside the Goldsmiths Library. There is a mini stage and we are now accepting entries for the performance program. Contact if you would like to join in. Singers, musicians, poets, social commentators, storytellers, jugglers, acrobats, dancers… if you can do it in public on 4 square metres of stage you’re welcome to apply.

A small amount of money is available for costs you might incur (eg costumes, props).